AhnLab Online Security - FAQ


Description: "An error occurred while running Firewall. Click Yes to resolve this problem."

  • AhnLab Online Security has failed to access the skin server. Check the network settings on your computer.
  • AOS must be connected to the skin server in order to work properly.
  •   Solution
    Click each of the following links and check whether you can access or download from the page:

    a. If you click any of the links above but do not receive [Successfully connected to the AhnLab Authentication Server], note the address and report it to your network staff.
    (If you are using a network hub, try changing the settings or removing the device.)
    b. If you can download properly, go to the Internet Explorer menu Tools-Internet Options-Advanced and select Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections, and then try again. If you still cannot get a connection, run AhnReport and send the resulting file to the AhnLab Customer Center.
    If you are running an Internet security program, exit the program and then try again.